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Automate and Manage Your Company's
COVID-19 Vaccination Program

The Trusted Vaccination Management Platform for Over 120,000 employees

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Continually updated to track follow-on booster shots and protect employees against variants such as Omicron and BA.5.

Everything You Need In One Place

Our HIPAA-compliant platform streamlines your organization’s entire vaccination compliance program.

Original Vaccination Proof Monitoring

Automate the collection of original vaccination proof for your employee base while streamlining safety protocol notifications.

Ongoing Variant Booster Shot Tracking

Allows HR to monitor which employees have/haven't received booster shots while automating reminders to those who have not.

Positive Test Reporting & Contact Tracing

Allows employees to self-report positive tests, notifying HR and triggering company-outlined safety protocol and exposure notifications.

Comprehensive Reporting

Leverage our extensive HR-focused reporting tools to ensure employee-base compliance.

HIPPA-Compliant, 24-7 Data Security

Your data security and privacy is of unparalleled importance. We're more than fully HIPAA-compliant with additional security measures to help safeguard your employees' data.

Concierge Onboarding

Our implementation team speaks both "compliance" and "tech" and will work with you directly to get TRACK™ configured for your company.

Seamless Integration with 30+ HRIS Platforms


Establish a Safe Workplace for Employees

Reduce risk exposure by monitoring vaccination status and testing results to ensure employees feel safe that are actively working in the workplace.

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Maximize Employee & Contractor Compliance

TRACK™ helps HR teams by automating workflows that streamline the collection and reporting of all necessary data related to the organization’s vaccination compliance program.


How We Keep You on TRACK™

Fully Vaccinated

That’s great! We’ll ask you to upload proof of your vaccination record.

Exemption Request

I cannot receive a vaccination due to medical or religious reasons.

Booster Shot Received

I've received my 1st and 2nd booster shots.

Positive Test

I recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Vaccination Proof and Booster Shot Management

Automate key reminders and notifications for employees while streamlining the HIPAA-compliant collection and storage of vaccination records and ongoing booster shots.

Medical & Religious Exemption and Contact Tracing Management

Powers the entire medical and religious exemption process for both the organization and employee, while providing robust workflows to support contact tracing and exposure notification programs.

Medical Exemption

I cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons.

Religious Exemption

I cannot be vaccinated due to religious reasons.

TRACK™ Reporting

Customizable Access Levels and Permissions

Inside TRACK™ you'll be able to tailor access levels to various departments and teams inside your organization.